Meshery v0.7.0 Roadmap

The proposed Meshery v0.7.0 Roadmap is listed by component. Use this thread to refine and hardened these plans and assignments.

See the Meshery Architecture deck for additional visual designs and functional specifications.


[Feature Champion] Feature Description

Meshery Server

  • [Bariq Nurlis] Workflow engine and dry-run
  • [Utkarsh Srivastava] Environments and Multi-cluster
  • [Michael Gfeller] Messaging Framework and Enhanced Notification Center (spec)
  • [Bariq Nurlis] Multiple Telemetry Providers and Custom Boards (spec)
  • [Ashish Tiwari] SQLite → Postgres (spec)
  • [Rodolfo Martinez] Unit coverage goal: 15%
  • [Mario Arriaga] Functional test coverage: 25%

Meshery Adapters

  • [Ashish Tiwari] Adapter for App Mesh → Stable
  • [Aisuko Li] Adapter for Octarine → Deprecated
  • [Ashish Tiwari] Implementation of Messaging Framework
  • [Aisuko Li] Unit coverage goal: 25%
  • [Ashish Tiwari] Functional coverage goal: 70%

Meshery CLI

  • [Piyush Singariya] mesh deploy with MeshOps v2
  • [Navendu Pottekkat] Meshconfig: Support for multi-cluster (spec)
  • [Piyush Singariya] system dashboard
  • [Hussaina Begum] Refactor system config for EKS (spec)
  • [Piyush Singariya] Code coverage goal: 80% (spec)

Meshery Operator

  • [Soumik Majumder] MeshSync: Multi-cluster, multi-server
  • Code coverage goal: 25%

Meshery Perf

  • Externalize Nighthawk (spec)

    • [Xin Huang] Nighthawk as a Meshery Component
    • [Navendu Pottekkat] Lifecycle Management of meshery-perf
    • [Abhi Kumar] Allow user to identify which Kubernetes Cluster
  • Basic Adaptive Load Controller (spec)

    • [Abhi Kumar] Exposure of “Adaptive Test” in Meshery UI.
    • [Xin Huang] Meshery Server endpoints.
    • [Rudraksh Pareek] Storage of n result sets in Provider for a given Performance Profile.

Meshery UI

  • [Nithish Karthik] State Management with Redux (spec)
    • Refactor of all components (tracker)
  • [Abhi Kumar] Global: Cluster Selector
  • [Manav Kapoor] Global: MeshSync Pulse (design)
  • [Manav Kapoor] User-defined Dashboards and Metrics (spec)
  • [All] Support for Material UI v5, React 17
  • [Mario Arriaga] Functional test coverage: 25%

  • [Aditya Chatterjee] Service Mesh Patterns Catalog (spec)

See the Meshery Architecture deck for additional visual designs and functional specifications like this one -

@Lee I hereby declare that I confirm my assignments for Meshery UI & Meshery Server Functional test coverage


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