Meshery Build & Release Meeting (Nov. 9th, 2023)

November 9th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh, Mario Arriaga, Krish Aryan
  • Daniel Kiptoon
  • Harsh Mishra,
  • Yash Sharma
  • Rudraksh Karpe,
  • Akshat Sachan
  • Sandra Ashipala
  • Abhijeet Gaurav
  • Biniyam Odol

Standing Agenda:


  • [Sandra Ashipala] - Enhancements to Learning Paths issue
  • [Daniel/Uzair] MeshSync Updates
  • [Uzair] - MeshMap snapshot updates
  • [Antonette/Sudhanshu] - Build fixes in Sistent project
  • [?] - Meshery docs compatibility matrix fix issue
  • [?] - Meshery version bug in compatibility matrix issue
  • [Pranav] - Add support for pattern_id in deploy handler PR
  • [Pranav] - [chore] Revert removal of application_configuration #410
  • V0.7 release discussion roadmap
    • v0.6 release announcement posted (backdated) on Blog | Meshery link. Need volunteer to copy/repost onto
    • Jeremiah Obikoya has drafted a v0.7 release announcement (link).
    • O. Chisom has drafted a Meshery Playground release announcement (link).
    • Lee Calcote has drafted a proposal to CNCF Staff for Meshery Playground to become the CNCF Playground (link).
  • Action items - Pranav
    • Create issues for MeshKit compatibility with Meshery
    • Meshery UI missing version for adapter deployment
    • Istio lifecycle management bugs
    • Demo recording for installing service meshes for Sandra
      • Catalog
      • Lifecycle Page
      • MeshMap

There are two ways of generating tokens:

  1. :meshery: Authenticating with Meshery via CLI | Meshery
  2. :layer5: Cloud Meshery Cloud | Cloud Native Management by Layer5.

Here is one of the ways to work with Istio and Meshery.



  1. Meshery is connected to a k8s cluster. Kubernetes | Meshery
  2. Meshery Adapter for Istio Service Mesh is running and connected to Meshery.
    2.1 Navigate to Settings page and deploy your adapter (consider Meshery is running in dockerized or kubernetes env)
    2.2 Ensure Adapter is running locally, if Meshery is running locally too. Clone GitHub - meshery/meshery-istio: Meshery adapter for Istio and run make run

Here is the link to the design. You can directly get started with it, if you like.