[Recap] Highlights from the Meshery Development Call (21st December 2022)

We Kickstarted our meeting by wishing everyone a merry Christmas, in the Christmas Edition of our meeting. :santa: :fireworks:
Meeting Minutes from the Call:

  • [Antonette] - Partial upgrade - Next.js 12/13, MUI v4 to v5, and React 17 #6747
    • Ashmit to identity replacement candidates for code-mirror.
  • [Pranav] - Add Sidebar Peek for Notification Center #6737
  • MeshModel
    • [Ashish] - Required UI changes #6728
      • USE all appropriate fields
      • [Ashish] Add apiVersion to MeshModel components
      • [Ashish] Run make swagger-docs
      • K8s row missing in spreadsheet
    • [Ashish] - Add Kubernetes in MeshModel components
      • TODO: Add Kubernetes in spreadsheet #6751
      • [Nithish] - MeshModel Relationships
    • [Ashish] Call for CI meeting
  • [Abhi] - docs: node version recommendations[#6744]
  • [Abhi] Directions for using and consuming static folders in meshery [#6726]

[Future ]

  • [Nishant] -

  • [Krishna] - Dark mode on docs.meshery.io and meshery.io

  • [Alpha/Subedy] - Eliminating duplication in Meshery CLI Reference

  • [Maninder] - system provider in mesheryctl, perhaps.

  • [Franklin] - progress on user management task

  • [Ashish][WIP] Add support for installing Istio in Ambient mode. #527

  • [Abdullah] - Meshconfig support for provider enforcement

  • [Gaurav] - Consistency with “message” in toaster and logs PR

  • [Harshit] - Dark Mode Review next hour (just after this meeting)

  • [Abhi/Gaurav] Need for e2e tests (contributor guide) of designs, applications and filters.

  • [Abhi] Fix problems on the Settings Page, the state views of Meshsync and operator states.

    • Todo: Fix the context-switcher too with the changes.
  • [Abhi/Gaurav] Need for tests for

    • Design Import
    • Design Delete (single/multiple)
    • Create Design
    • Workload validations
    • Catalog contents
    • Views change and rest
  • [Abhi/Gaurav/Mario] - Upgrade Cypress version to V12 and E2E test failures [#6681]

  • [Ashish/Abhi] Subscription refactor [Draft-#6409]

  • [Mario/Gaurav/Abhi] Do Cypress changes to adapt graphQL changes.

  • AugustasV] Fix manual adapter tests pipeline. PR review needed

Meshery v0.7.0 Planning

  • Volunteers Needed - v0.7.0 Roadmap feature champion assignments
  • [Lee] Messaging Framework and Notification Center
    • Purpose: instill confidence and offer a high degree of feedback on the status of operations requested, including suggestions on how to fix failed operations.
    • Transparency in what is actually happening behind the scenes with Meshery’s automation.
  • [Gaurav] Refactoring Meshery UI: meshery-ui-restructuring | How to contribute
  • [Lee] Operational Modal UX design review.
  • [Lee] Kubernetes Connection States design spec review.
    • In Meshery v0.6.0, connections that Meshery established to Kubernetes clusters, Prometheus, and Grafana are automatically discovered, and registered for use.
    • Looking ahead to v0.7.0, the following finite state machine is proposed to track different states of Kubernetes connections, specifically, and allow users more control over whether the discovered infrastructure is to be managed or not (registered for use or not).

Our Christ-meshy Attendees:
@abdullah1308 @Chadha93 @Abhi @Lee @theBeginner86 @revoly @utkarsh2000 @Krishna.Gupta @Deepesha.Burse @Pranav.Patil @Nithish_karthik @devilkiller-ag @Udit.Takkar

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