[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - November 2nd 2022

Items discussed on the call -

  • Meshery v0.7.0 Planning
  • [Ashish] Enforcing provider #6440
  • [Ashish] Adding MeshModel components into the database.[Phase 1]
  • [Ashish] Registering MeshModel components on helm chart import.
  • [Ruturaj] Demo for workflow to update Cloud Native Catalog | Meshery
    • For publishing the applications publicly the user’s public design can be linked to their member profile.
    • [help wanted] UI for publish workflow
  • [Kamal] Implementing usage of Meshkit for logging instead of logrus/fmt #6350
  • [Harkirat] Meshery Catalog Publish From the UI #6478
  • [Kapil Bansal] Error messages in system lifecycle and system channel commands #6430 and #6437
  • [Rakshit/Gaurav] - Improve verbiage for toaster notification in configurations. + Next iteration in reference to notification framework.
  • [Pranav] Tombstoning MeshSync #6458 data and WIP #6435
  • [Nishant] Deprecate meshery/homebrew-tap for publishing mesheryctl.
  • [Abhi] Meshery Playground[#6460]
  • [Abhi/Harkirat] Migrate from RJSF version3 to version 5 [#6379]
  • [Abhi] GraphQL Subscription Connection issue Fixes from client [#6244]
  • [Abhi/Gaurav] Need for e2e tests (contributor guide) of designs, applications and filters.
  • [Abhi] Refine and remove redundancy from the design/pattern YAML[#6369]
  • [Abhi] Fix problems on the Settings Page, the state views of Meshsync and operator states.
    • Todo: Fix the context-switcher too with the changes.
  • [Ashish/Abhi] Subscription refactor [Draft-#6409]
  • [Abhi/Gaurav] Need for tests for
    • Design Import
    • Design Delete (single/multiple)
    • Create Design
    • Workload validations
    • Catalog contents
    • Views change and rest
  • [Mario/Gaurav/Abhi] Do Cypress changes to adapt graphQL changes.

Meeting video - Meshery Dev Meeting (Nov 2nd, 2022) - YouTube