Untable to setup layer5 site locally

whenever running make setup command getting this error!

I have WSL , 8gb RAM .

But now again tried one more time following layer5 documentation still getting errors like this while running make setup command

If this works great otherwise try using gitpod

i was using gitpod actually i exhausted my 50 hrs of monthly limit :slightly_smiling_face:

Try using github codespace or any other alternative to gitpod

hey @Savio.Dias trying to use github codespaces too but whenever i am opening it remains stuck in mine dont know why it is so.Few days ago it was working. But not working now

Again tried today but not able to set up locally.Getting this error while running make setup command in my ubuntu terminal

Use WSL2 or a Linux or Mac machine or build it in a container.

yeah…i m using wsl2.

Again tried today after removing layer5 directory and cloning it again and running make setup cmd and make site cmd in my ubuntu wsl2 terminal but got these errors!