This port only serves livereload.js over HTTP

@Karan @Chadha93 @Lee

While setting the environment it shows me errors.

not working LiveReload address: & facing with some more issues.

on running make docs, it stuck here.

@vishalvivekm could you help me.

@Vaibhav.Maurya acc to your ss the build is successful please navigate to port 4000 i.e.

for the docs, share the error logs once it finishes.

The Yaml errors :
for collections/_catalog/deployment/
just enclose the the value for patternCaveats: key in between quotes like this

patternCaveats: 'Warning: This deployment is not suitable for production use cases, as it uses single instance WordPress and MySQL Pods. Consider using WordPress Helm Chart to deploy WordPress in production.'

same for collections/_catalog/observability/

Thank you so much @vishalvivekm. Should I raise an issue about this?

After that, it’s showing me this

[2023-06-21 11:27:28] ERROR Errno::ECONNRESET: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. @ io_fillbuf - fd:12 
        C:/Ruby32-x64/lib/ruby/gems/3.2.0/gems/webrick-1.8.1/lib/webrick/httpserver.rb:82:in `eof?'
        C:/Ruby32-x64/lib/ruby/gems/3.2.0/gems/webrick-1.8.1/lib/webrick/httpserver.rb:82:in `run'
        C:/Ruby32-x64/lib/ruby/gems/3.2.0/gems/webrick-1.8.1/lib/webrick/server.rb:310:in `block in start_thread'

error connection reset might come when it resets the connection on underlying port, Is it causing you troubles in the sense that you’re not able to spin up the development environment?

Thank you @Abhi for your precious time but it was fixed.