Error: YAML Exception reading

This is an issue I am raising again also I raised pr, I think that this issue is faced by most people. I just folk the repo and after cloning. When I ran make site code, I encountered this error.

I request to @Lee @Chadha93 @Abhi & @Karan please have a look at this.

Despite of this error, the site runs successfully.
The operating system is windows , let us check what happens in other OS as well.:thinking:

The same logs are printed in Ubuntu 22.04. Although it doesn’t affect the functionality of the site. :thinking:

Thanks for raising up this question. @theBeginner86 will soon have this issue permanently resolved. In the meantime:

  1. like @HarshDobariya79 points out, these errors don’t prevent the site from functioning or work in other areas from continuing.
  2. You can delete these two files and open a PR with these two files deleted.
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I talked with @vishalvivekm then I raised pulled request by adding quotes. If the problem is solving with quotes then I think we don’t have to remove these files. May be in future it’s become useful. I hope this suggestion is valuable.

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@Vaibhav.Maurya please get that PR up fixing the broken Kuma svg on Cloud Native Catalog | Meshery

Feedback here :