[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (19th December 2022)

Meeting Minutes:


  • [Arunima Chaudhuri] - PR link : Add Utkarsh Mishra member profile, build profile is failing
  • [Lee Calcote] Challenges with publishing integrations spreadsheet


  • New dark mode - any open issues?
    • The toggle icon needs to be updated, take inspiration from layer5.io site. Anurima to open a new issue for the same.
  • [Arunima Chaudhuri] - PR Link - Modify navbar
  • Unused CSS issue


Meshery UI

  • New dark mode - is everyone able to test?


play.meshery.io / playground.meshery.io

  • [Rahil Siddique] - PR Link : Remove Image beside the signup form

Major Discussions in the Meeting:
@Leonard discussed about the implementation of the leaderboard on the discuss forum.
@Arunima.Chaudhuri discussed her open PRs.
We had discussions about the Dark Mode on both, meshery.io as well the Meshery UI

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