[Proposal and Call for participation] Building the community leaderboard

One thing we all can agree on is that there should be a reward for hard work and selflessness. As an active contributor to the community, there should be a way to reward all the hard work that you put in to help others solve their issues by answering their pending questions as well as going forward to share resources and knowledge.

The community leaders decided that there should be a way (A leaderboard) to recognize members who put in their best for the community. This is not a means of segregation but a way to appreciate hard work.

The Main ideas behind the community Leaderboard

We currently use https://discuss.layer5.io/ for discussions. The main idea of the project is to create a leaderboard to show the most active users on the platform based on some parameters like helpful answers, posts created, and more. That means, every contribution in the forum would count: from questions to answers to votes.

How frequently will the leaderboard be updated?

Originally it was discussed that the leaderboard should be updated at a specific time throughout the day.

How can this be achieved?

The site https://discuss.layer5.io/ has many APIs that are exposed and ready to use without authentication. For example, https://discuss.layer5.io/directory_items.json?period=all.
So what we need is to get data from this API and use them to construct a leaderboard.

Originally the leaderboard was meant to be embedded on the discuss forum alone, but due to some recent events, that idea was revised to better suit the community’s needs. It was decided that the leaderboard will now be placed on these community websites ( docs.meshery.io, meshery.io, layer5.io, getnighthawk) going by embedding the leaderboard and putting those boards/lists on pages like community page and newcomer’s page, etc.

What metrics will be used to rank members?

The Community Leaderboard ranking will be generated using the following metrics:

  • Posts Created - 1 point.
  • Likes Received - 2 point
  • Solution Accepted - 3 points

Total Points ==> [1 * no of posts a user creates] + [2 * number of likes a user receives] + [3 * number of solutions that was accepted from the user]

Full project overview: The community leaderboard act as a mode of indirect social interaction that boosts the user’s engagement with the channel. it provides the users with an understanding of where they rank in comparison to their peers, hence enticing the users to do more.

Main Goal: The main goal is to create a sense of progress and achievement amongst the users of the discourse channel.

Target Users. The leaderboard’s primary target audience is the users of the layer5 discourse channel.

Functional and Features: The leaderboard needs a high-quality and achievable ranking system, which will consist of three main blocks: the user rank, the user profile link, and the total point accumulated. The leaderboard also needs a responsive design for this system.

Aesthetics: The leaderboard should be attractive to users, hence the use of the colors white and light green, to draw the user’s attention to be drawn to it.

Performance: The leaderboard will be used in the discourse channel by all users and admins of Layer5.

What next?

Issues will be created on the respective repositories and you are welcome to volunteer to help the community achieve this.

Cheers to a community where selflessness thrives.


One GitHub issue has been created to spur on development - [Docs] Discuss Forum Integration: Create widget to display in Meshery Docs for posts with "mesheryctl" tags · Issue #6746 · meshery/meshery · GitHub. More need to be created. // @Arunima.Chaudhuri @Abhilipsa.Sahoo @utkarsh2000 @eeshaaaan9

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Regarding the integration of the discuss.layer5.io forum with Meshery Docs by way of showing recent posts in a related topic category (by post tag), here is an open PR for review - [Docs] Integrate Discussion Forum with Posts by Tag by leecalcote · Pull Request #6773 · meshery/meshery · GitHub

Site preview with “Related” section in-action:

And here is an open issue for nightly data refresh: [CI] Docs: Create workflow to refresh list of discussion forum posts · Issue #6774 · meshery/meshery · GitHub

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