Page showing 404 not found while setting up meshery UI with meshery-istio adapter

I am currently setting up meshery UI on my local and trying to run the meshery UI with the server + meshery istio adapter (pre-written example).
Both the server and adapter seems to be working. But the UI itself is giving page 404 at the default route i.e /provider.

Commands that I am using :

make setup-ui-libs
make run-ui-dev
make server
make run (for meshery-istio adapter)

ps: sorry wasn’t able to provide images, since newcomers can post media.

Under your meshery/meshery clone, please try:

make ui-setup
 make ui-server

Under the set of commands in your message above, you are missing a build for the provider-ui. These commands will build it for you.

Hi it’s still giving me the same error.

Oops. I missed that the current form of the make ui-server target excludes the provider-ui. You’ll want to run make ui-build (to build Meshery UI and Provider UI) or to only build the Provider UI, you can run make ui-provider-build.

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I am currently noticing that the build and everything is very slow for the UI part since it is still using next version 10.XX.XX but my question is are we going to update it soon or for the time being we can use vite to make it faster.
PS: thanks for the help though.

Yes, a Reactjs, Nextjs, and MUI framework update are all being actively worked on as part of Meshery v0.7.0 Roadmap. // @Pankaj.Khushalani and @Yash_Kamboj have more details to share.