Meshery Build & Release Meeting | March 14th, 2024

Link to meeting minutes: Meshery Build & Release Meeting Minutes Google Docs

March 14th, 2024


  • Uzair Shaikh, Ripul Handoo,Althaf Asharaf
  • Mario Arriaga, Uzair Shaikh, Shubham Pandey, Yash Sharma, Deepak Reddy, Lee Calcote

Standing Agenda:


  • [Mario] Gave a brief overview of Playwright PoC: [WIP] Playwright PoC by MarioArriaga92 · Pull Request #10408 · meshery/meshery · GitHub

  • [Lee] :help-wanted: Open DevOps-centric needs that the Meshery project currently has:

    1. Populating Meshery Catalog with a robust set of designs and broad variety of published technologies and examples.
    2. Developing new Meshery Relationship definitions for the great many different types of technologies with which Meshery integrates. Improve the contrib and user docs as you go.
    3. Partner and coordinate with other CNCF project maintainers and solicit their input about these new relationships; what are we missing?
    4. A new deployment of Meshery Cloud, using Meshery Cloud’s Helm chart is needed. It’s a fresh chart that needs thorough review; Find fault with it, if you can.
    5. Convert Meshery Cloud’s database (postgres) deployment to using a Postgres Operator, not just a Postgres container and locally mounted volume. Itemize the deployment’s resiliency characteristics (backups, snapshots, multi-master, etc.)
    6. Expose Prometheus service in the current Meshery Playground; Enhance Kubernetes networking in the current playground.
    7. Create a new Meshery Playground as a staging / second hosted environment. In this second playground, deploy Meshery and Cloud both in-cluster:
    • Uzair to provide Equinix info Sangram and anyone else interested (Probably need to sign NDA)
  • Note: Visit [Help Wanted] A list of open DevOps-centric needs on Meshery projects

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For anyone interested, DevOps-centric efforts discussion is being held here:

i tired the new helm chart deployment, i was unable to view all of my kubernetes cluster resources on the dashboard. i also noticed the helm chart is still using an older version. was wondering if i should create an issue on that?

Yes, please, @Emeka.uzowulu