[Help Wanted] A list of open DevOps-centric needs on Meshery projects

Here is a list of currently open, DevOps-centric needs that the Meshery project has:

  1. :technologist: populating Meshery Catalog with a robust set of designs and broad variety of published technologies and examples.
  2. developing new Meshery Relationship definitions for the great many different types of technologies with which Meshery integrates. Improve the contrib and user docs as you go.
  3. :technologist: Partner and coordinate with other CNCF project maintainers and solicit their input about these new relationships; what are we missing?
  4. :technologist: a new deployment of Meshery Cloud, using Meshery Cloud’s Helm chart is needed. It’s a fresh chart that needs thorough review; Find fault with it, if you can.
  5. :technologist: Convert Meshery Cloud’s database (postgres) deployment to using a Postgres Operator, not just a Postgres container and locally mounted volume. Itemize the deployment’s resiliency characteristics (backups, snapshots, multi-master, etc.)
  6. :technologist: Expose Prometheus service in the current Meshery Playground; Enhance Kubernetes networking in current playground.
  7. :technologist: Create a new Meshery Playground as a staging / second hosted environment. In this second playground, deploy Meshery and Cloud both in-cluster.

Please inquire, if you’re interested in helping.


Hello @Lee, I am interested in the new deployment of Meshery Cloud. Is it time sensitive?


@Sangram.Rath, this is great to hear. We’d like to move through this sooner than later, but we’ll take what we can get. :wink: Let’s get you setup with the chart and with a bare metal machine.

Hello @Lee I am interested in helping DevOps centric needs on meshery projects for a variety of tasks. But i am having tight schedule during this month and I will start fully in upcoming April. Can you help me in getting started how to contribute?

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hello @Lee lee its henry, i heard everything in the group meet today but i couldn’t reply, i am interested in helping out, to try out the helm chart and finding out faults

Hey @Lee, ready to jump back in and this looks like a good spot :grinning:. Are there github issues for these tasks? Where can I find the Meshery Cloud chart? I can’t seem to find it searching around on slack/github

Update: Found the deployment instructions. A couple of places in the docs reference K8s manifest files (eg. install/kubernetes/persistent-volume.yaml), where can I find these files?

Update 2: I think I tracked down the right repo (https://github.com/layer5io/meshery-cloud), getting a 404 when I try to access it though

Hey @cpepper96 .
Layer5 Helm Repository is the location for the Meshery Cloud helm charts.
You can find the source of the helm chart at docs/static/charts.

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@Lee I am interested in this task. Prometheus is a tool I have always wanted to get my hands on.


I will like to tag along this also

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Thanks for volunteering, progress on some of these tasks was discussed in today’s meeting.
Here are the meeting minutes https://discuss.layer5.io/t/meshery-build-and-release-call-meeting-minutes-23rd-may-2024/5174?u=muzairs15.

You can also go over to the recorded meeting on YouTube.