Looking for pairing up with a meshmate

Hi everyone, my name is Sonny, I’m currently a 3rd year undergraduate student looking forward to contribute to Layer 5! I am most proficient in frontend development with React and Typescript, but I would also like to explore possibilities of backend works and more, given that I have worked with Node.js before.

After attending the newcomer’s meeting, I think it would be nice if I could pair up with a meshmate to quickly get familiar with the codebases. Thanks!

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You forgot to add a meshmate tag.


Your frontend skills with React and Typescript are valuable here. Transitioning to Node.js for backend work is a great idea…

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Hey @sonnyding1, Welcome to the Layer :layer5:community! :tada: nice to have you here and thanks for introducing yourself. We have lots of places where you can try your hands. I’ll recommend checking out the Meshery repository for issues to work on. Your expertise in React and TypeScript will be a great addition. For getting started, check out the Meshery repository and consider these open DevOps issues.

Also, join our weekly Meshery Development call for updates and discussions.

Until a MeshMate pairs up with you, feel free to explore the contributing guide and ask any questions you have in the community channels. We’re all here to support each other. Looking forward to seeing your contributions and collaborating with you!


Thanks for the heads up, I’m still getting familiar with this forum :melting_face: