Localhost connection refused to meshery

I was setting up mesheryUI for development purposes by following the README file. On running mesheryctl system start the page that I am redirected to (http://localhost:30999/ its a random port everytime ) throws an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED that the site couldn’t be reached. I’m running WSL and have tried with both minikube and kind again following the documentation present in mesherydocs. Any remedies for this? What am I doing wrong here?

I guess it is mainly because of port forwarding or something similar that the page is not able to connect to the meshery deployment on k8s?

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Ah, completely forgot to update here, so in order to resolve this simply port forwarding the service was enough something like kubectl port-forward service/meshery 9081:9081 -n meshery. Then Meshery would be accessible on port 9081 of your localhost.

Thank you for posting this solution. :ok_hand: