Hi, Looking for a Meshmate!

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the newcomers call today, I would like to give a quick introduction. I’m a junior platform engineer with a tech stack that includes Terraform, CircleCI, the Argo ecosystem, Docker, Kubernetes (which I’m eager to improve), Bash, Python, Golang, and TypeScript.

To get started, I’d love to dive into some backend work, preferably related to gRPC. I’ve reviewed the Layer5 repository overview, but I would appreciate being paired with someone who can guide me more effectively as this is my first time diving into open source. Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Shahid.Ilhan nice to have you here and thanks for introducing yourself, we have lots of places where you can try your hands. I’ll recommend to checkout https://github.com/meshery/meshery repository for issues to work on, also you may be interested in one of these issues listed in this post - https://discuss.layer5.io/t/help-wanted-a-list-of-open-devops-centric-needs-on-meshery-projects/4789

I’ll also recommend joining weekly Meshery Development call where most of maintainers and community members give update and discuss on various issues and features. You can checkout info on meetings here - http://layer5.io/community/calendar

Thank you @Yash.Sharma !