Error while installing kubernetes

mecheryctl uses the current Kubernetes context (on local machine)…my machine might be underpowered to handle kubernetes as indicated by errors and thus cluster doesn’t start.

I followed this installation guide to install kubernetes. The errors at step 6 persist on my end with and without the flag. I gathered, it could be that my laptop system isn’t able to host kubernetes.


  • Intel Core™ i3-6006U CPU @ 2.00GHz


  • 1.337GB


  • Ubuntu 20.04

Any workaround suggestions - for a lower powered machine to get a cluster running?

Otherwise I’ll be giving it a go with
Link to kubernetes installation guide: How to Install and Use Kubernetes on Ubuntu 20.04 • CloudSigma

I’ll try installing using minikube, mikrok8s, K3s as a possible solution to the current available memory…:crossed_fingers:t3:

Given k3s’s hardware requirements, your thought about its potential use seems like a worthwhile investigation.

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Another option is using a remote cluster either self-installed on a free tier EC2 instance or managed service; e.g. GKE, Civo, Cast or similar.

Managed to install kubernetes locally with microk8s and succefully deployed meshery.


Hi @sandramsc one quick question which may help me resolve
Have you done an in-cluster or out-of-cluster install of meshery ?
If in-cluster,
Is the cluster you installed meshery on reachable via the Meshery UI ?

The mikrok8s tutorial I followed didn’t specifically talk about in/out cluster deployment, you could consider going through it to see if it helps resolve your specific issue?

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Hi, @sandramsc I was trying to create a Kube cluster with mikrok8s as well, So I followed the official doc, and I have a few questions

  1. Did you use any specific config (json/yaml) while creating the kube cluster?
  2. Have you ever faced this error?