Community Weekly Activity for the week of August 26th, 2022

Hello, Amazing contributors :wave: :wink:

It was yet another interesting week for the community. The momentum was maintained across all repositories and discussion channels. A lot of pull request was merged and we had some interesting and motivated people coming on board to give great suggestions and feedback. if you missed the previous week’s summary, you can go ahead and look at the comprehensive report here.

I want to give a shoutout to some members that have really been consistent since they joined the community. @sanchezways and @Ivarr. Your efforts are impactful so far and I implore you to keep going. Finally, I want to recognize everyone who participated actively. You all are the real MVPs :fire:

The week in summary:

Meshery Development Meeting

  • @sahilsuman933 shared an insightful update about Integrations Collections.


    • Missing Related integrations on some pages.
    • Add Integrations honeycomb to the main page after all refreshing content on all individual pages
  • Moved: The URL was moved from “/service-mesh-management/meshery” to “cloud-native-management/meshery” #3103

  • @asubedy Updates on the next iteration of the Dashboard

  • @Rohith had some things to share on the footer created for the service mesh site (#57)

    Volunteers needed

  • Pagination on Meshery Catalog (#732)

  • @asubedy discussed some minor but important updates he made

    Volunteers needed

  • Documenting Meshery Catalog (#6058)

Meshery UI


Volunteers needed

If you guessed that this is not all that happened last week, then you are absolutely right. There were so many issues that were resolved off the books and so many selfless contributions that was witnessed by the community. :clap:

You can always visit the discussion forum to ask questions as well as help others solve their challenges.

Things to expect coming week!

  • More contributions and interactions.

Want to get started with contributions to the community?

Hope you have a great & productive week ahead.


Thank you, Leonard. We look forward to making more impactful contributions.