Community Weekly Activity for the week of August 19th, 2022

Hello, Amazing contributors :wave: :wink:,

It was a great and fulfilled week for many while it was a new phase for others, especially for our new members which we hold dearly in our hearts. Pull requests got merged, Issues were opened, feedback was given on contributions, and discussions were evidently seen across the slack channel. I want to congratulate everyone who participated actively. You all are the real MVPs :fire: :clap:

The week in summary:


  • @theBeginner86 discussed his progress on the Meshery Dashboard and insightful feedback was given by other contributors PR#6038

  • @Christopher.Kalule showed his progress in minimizing the number of files in the root directory of Meshery PR#5837

  • @revoly was present to present his efforts on adding user-friendly API on the capability registry in Meshery PR#6050

  • @Chadha93 Updates on the card view of Application and Designs PR#6046

  • [Ruturaj/Aditya.c/Uzair] @Ruturaj @warunicorn19 and @MUzairS15 Updates on Meshery Catalog capability PR#6028 PR#6027
    @Lee had wonderful suggestions on this Pull request

    • Let’s agree upon Clone, not Fork, and use a Clone (duplicate/copy) icon.
    • Hide Save and Delete actions on Designs not owned by the user.
    • Add authorization checks to delete


  • @Yash_Kamboj discussed his progress Meshery-UI-restructuring branch Open PRs Tracker

  • @harkiratsm demos his work of reusable cards for ui-restructuring #6051

More on the contribution across the meshery repository can be found in the Meshery development meeting minutes here

  • @sahilsuman933 opened the discussion by talking about updates on Integrations Collections

  • @asubedy Discussed Interactive labs. He pointed out the following issues below.

  • @Debopriya had some mouthful about the custom Form for Writing Program and afterward a flow was suggested

    • Flow: Participant Fills form β†’ Content Calendar β†’ Email sent to Community Managers β†’ Task created to track progress
  • She also talked about MeshMap updates, Docker Extension, and Contact, and suggested that the content form should use the same variable on They are all under one single scenario now.

  • @Debopriya in her like manner had more updates and this time she had updates on the Executive Blog page feature #3080

    • New page created for only those member profiles that have an Executive Bio
  • Review open issues:

    • @Yash_Kamboj had a very crucial update on how to handle Performance-related issues

      • He suggested that the <img> that should be converted using Gatsby <StaticImg> should only be for png and jpg/jpeg and not on svgs. Way to go Yash.
      • [Investigate] Core web vitals failing in desktop view
    • Design Requests:

      • [Kanika] Updates page design to incorporate MeshMark #3065
      • New sections on the home page highlighting Meshery and MeshMap features
      • Needs improvement:,
      • [Ivarr Winter and Alexis] Service Mesh Patterns contribution update.
        Figma Link
      • [Kamal] Need of new section on homepage #3076
  • Volunteers Needed

  • More Updates over Site maintainers


  • @harkiratsm Made a reusable component / meshery-ui-restructuring

Things to expect coming week!

  • More contributions and interactions.

Want to get started with contributions to the community?

Hope you have a great & productive week ahead.


This is comprehensive. Some great notes. :clap:

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