WSL Installation for Setting up the layer5 project

Hi, i’m new to this community, i noticed a wired a thing while trying to set up the project for contributions
so the contribution docs suggest that you should have WSL for both performance and ease of use, i had WSL in my system but no distribution, i looked into the Microsoft docs and tried to install one using “wsl --install -d ubuntu” but it throwed error “A connection with the server could not be established” which was uncanny because my internet was working fine, i figured it out by using VPN and reading bunch of stuff on Microsoft’s official discussion forums searching this specific issue eventually it was because of my ISP ( jio) that somehow was blocking it .

but i would really like to know why this happened

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You can install the distro directly from the Microsoft Store.

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yes, finally done with it

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Me to I need help :pray: please

@zedekiah_osano, quick check - have you run through this doc already: Setting up Meshery Development Environment on Windows | Meshery or If so, what step around getting stuck on? What specific details can you offer about the challenge that you are facing?