While using the make ui-build i get thrown with this error can someone tell the best method to run this locally so that i can start contributing

Welcome @Shlok_Mishra, to the discussion forum! Have you already installed the necessary prerequisites, and are you running this on ‘WSL’ or ‘without WSL’?

I am running without wsl i mean i am on Ubuntu

Do I need WSL if I am on windows??

WSL2 isn’t strictly required, however, you’ll find any number less bumps in the road along your contributor journey should you choose to use WSL2.

You can retry running the UI build again.I have faced this issue yesterday.I have rebuild the command couple of times.It resolved for me.

It was docker desktop that was causing the issue for me someone what are the steps i used

I used normal docker engine rather than docker desktop because Docker Desktop creates a VM before running the cluster

Configure and install Kubernetes and minikube

Run minikube start

Install mesheryctl

Run the make ui-setup

make ui-build

make server

if error(Development Incompatible ) do in root
git remote add upstream GitHub - meshery/meshery: Meshery, the cloud native manager

git fetch upstream

git pull upstream master

Should run Meshery