While running the command Make-server. localhost shows 404 not found. Are there any possible solution to fix also please suggest the setting up the project using docker route

I ran these four commands make ui-setup → make ui-build → make server and make ui-provider-build. and I am not able to see the meshery UI locally.

Solution → Page showing 404 not found while setting up meshery UI with meshery-istio adapter - #4 by Lee

I tried running this locally using docker but this is the error that I am getting

This is a different issue. This issue is because you’re trying to run Meshery inside of a Kubernetes cluster and don’t have a Kubernetes cluster. Either you’ll need a Kubernetes cluster or you can use a docker host.

This is a screenshot of the Meshery Docker Extension running outside of Docker Desktop. This is not part of the instructions nor is it supported use of the extension.