While running the command git clone I am facing error

I am facing error - could not create work tree dir ‘layer5’: Permission denied while clonning the Layer5 repo.

Can suggest me some solution.

Hey @Aman_Kumar , remove “–depth=1”, and then try it will work as I was also facing the same issue or write sudo in the beginning

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Also i hope you have forked this repo, before cloning

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@Aman_Kumar as inferrable by error Permission denied, you might not have permission to create the directory in your current directory, you can solve this in two ways first run the command with sudo privilege sudo git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/AmanKumar6603/layer5.git, secondly try in other directory where you have write permission.

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Thanks @Suruchi_Kumari and @Zaki_Shaikh It is now working