Which versions of Kubernetes are supported?

Running the latest versions (i.e. master) of Meshery server, and the Istio adapter directly from the IDE (IntelliJ) on Ubuntu 20.04, I wonder which Kubernetes versions are supported?

Do we, or should we maintain a list of those somewhere for each Meshery version?

I couldn’t find much information related to that. Minikube | Meshery still mentions v1.14.1 (as minimal version), but it didn’t work. v1.22.0 didn’t work either, but v1.20.5 does.

Which version(s) is/are used in release tests? Maybe they could be added here Kubernetes | Meshery for each release, as a table with Meshery version and Kubernetes version(s) used?

Hi @Michael, thanks for asking this. As a project with many components and many integrations, compatibility testing grows more rigorous as Meshery rounds its v0.6.0 release, headed downhill toward its v1.0.

Tracked under issue #2515, strides have recently been made to create pervasive integration tests run across all components with their results aggregated in Meshery Docs. This test results show in Meshery’s Compatibility Matrix are a compilation of those. There are many miles to go in both the functional coverage provided by these tests and the formatting of their reporting, but the project is off to the races here.