Where should the WASM cards redirect to in meshery.io

For this issue #1323, where should the WASM cards redirect to?

Other cards here redirect to a page, but for them, data is coming from /collections/_catalog/, and the WASM cards are getting data from the /_data directory.

You might have to create a collection, hopefully, there is already single pages being published. There were in the past. Review the history of commits to identify the cause of the problem.

I was going through the commit history, and this is the commit that removed it. I’m still trying to understand what happened here.

Thanks @iArchitSharma for asking this question.

That commit which you mentioned is an automated commit made by this workflow, which checks the latest published designs and filters and then generates the necessary front matter for the meshery.io website.

All the filters are still there but those aren’t visible when viewed on Cloud Native Catalog | Meshery website.
Eg: APIClarity Trace Exporter, my-http_auth1 (Copy) etc.

Both filters and designs get the data from collections/_catalog and catalog directory. There is some small bug for filters that is preventing it from being viewable.