When I am running the meshery docs locally and trying to make any changes - the changes don't reflect on the current local running site

if I make changes just for example → i change Discuss to Discussed

The change doesn’t appear (it should have been Discussed but change didn’t reflect)

This is what i tried to change just for an example

If you are working on editing the docs, you should be editing markdown files (or in this case a YAML file) and not HTML directly, (for the majority of cases, again this depends on what you’re trying to do.) In this case the link you are trying to edit is in a .yaml file in the _data folder in root directory and it is related to a navbar. Editing the HTML won’t show up unless you edit in the right place in the framework.

If you wan’t to work on the Meshery site, familiarize yourself with how the Jekyll framework builds a site from the various parts. HTML is often not the source to edit in the framework.

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Heads-up, @Swagata.Roy - you’ll want to be editing the latest version of the site (not v0.5).

@Colby_Stoker @Lee Thanks a lot for the reply! I will try to do as said and maybe post an update later!