Web GUI cannot be displayed

I check the meshery status is right, but I still can’t open the Web platform.
I’m running it on ubuntu k8s in a VM and my host is Mac. my VM has 4 CPUs, and 8192MB Memory.
I’m wondering if this is due to VM performance issues? Will this meet minimum operating standards?

@TwistzzLuffy good question. This issue isn’t about resources, but it is about exposing the Meshery (UI) service external to your cluster. Run kubectl get svc -n meshery to confirm your service networking. By default, the Meshery service deploys with LoadBalancer networking. Confirm that your Kubernetes cluster supports load balancing (if you’re using Minikube, you’ll need something like MetalLB).

Alternatively, deploy Meshery onto a Docker host (e.g. Docker Desktop) and not inside of a Kubernetes cluster. You can then point Meshery at your Kubernetes API and it will manage your cluster just as if it were deployed inside of the cluster.

You can also try port-forwarding from your local machine to Meshery (UI) by using mesheryctl system dashboard --port-forward. Confirm that the port being forwarded is the same port that you see displayed in the output of kubectl get svc -n meshery.

Given that you’re using a Mac, I recommend using the Docker Meshery Extension for Docker Desktop. Docker Desktop can run a Kubernetes cluster for you, too, instead of running a separate Ubuntu VM.

@Lee thanks! If I go with the last one in the proposal, this means that I need to install mesheryctl in Mac? Because I need to use “mesheryctl system dashboard --port-forward”. So I have a question. Doesn’t this mean you’re installing mesheryctl twice?

Thanks, I’ll try your suggestion. May I ask if this will give better performance using Docker Desktop than running VM?