Ways in which to participate in the Layer5 Community

As the announcement of Adventures of Five and Friends was released, a community member inquired about how they “can be a part of this”. Good news. There are many ways. The following is a list of ways depending upon the manner in which you would like to participate (any and all of these ways are encouraged):

  1. As an ambassador: as a project enthusiast (as yourself) by engaging in social activities that help raise awareness and increase GitHub star count and Twitter and LinkedIn followers. We uplift and boost the signal of individuals who are promoting the projects and community.
  2. As a community manager: by operating behind the scenes of the Meshery, Layer5 Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and our 10k+ email lists by directly building our brand and community. Community members help manage these social channels today.
  3. As a MeshMate: by helping others orient to the projects and land their first pull request or other contribution.
  4. As a code contributor: by working on the websites (see full list of sites) or backend projects in Golang, Rust, and Bash, GitHub workflows and so on.
  5. As a writer: by storyboarding more of Five’s adventures and writing short stories. Sign up for the writing program by submitting the form on the page.
  6. As a designer: creating new illustrations based on the short stories and storyboards in Figma. The community has a number of shared design files with hundreds and hundreds of designs for software project UIs, social sharing, events, presentations and more.

There is a much longer list than this of ways to be involved in the community that needs to be published…


Thanks @Lee
For those who want to know in detail about how consistently engaging in the community, projects changes lives, the opportunities here at Layer5-light-small and the learnings, do check it out: Websites Weekly Call May 8th, 2023 - YouTube.


How do I become a community manager?

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@SpaciousCoder78 Hopefully, I was able to answer this on Newcomer’s call yesterday.
I’ll share the link to the section of Handbook which talks about various community roles such as community managers :https://layer5.io/community/handbook/community-roles#Community%20Manager

See who all are the community managers : https://layer5.io/community/community-managers

@SpaciousCoder78 what a great question. :heart:

Hi @Lee
I just joined the community and I am skilled in social media, community management and content writing

How can I actively contribute to this community. I would love to

Hi @Bukunmi_Ogunkoya,
Welcome to the :layer5: community!

There are lots of areas and work involved in community management such as:

  • Managing and increasing activity on discussion forum.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social media management (Creating and posting textual and visual content for X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and YouTube).
  • Lead generation on social media.
  • Writers Program (for articles, resources, and blogs) - link.
  • Increasing SEO score and domain authority of Layer5 websites.
  • Hosting virtual events, webinars, and weekly meetings.
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