WASMFilter -> EnvoyFilter Relationship

Is there any WASMFilter CRD in istio ? I can only see EnvoyFilter CRD which manages different filters including wasm. But those filters are not necessarily CRDs on their own. Can someone help me understand this WASMFilter → EnvoyFilter Relationship.

Screenshot from 2024-05-23 20-53-11

Any comment on this? Is the question clear ?

Istio doesn’t have any WASM filter CRD.

WASMFilter component is from meshery’s own core model.
The relationship b/w WASMFilter and Istio WasmPlugin/Envoy filter is an example of inter-model relationship.

Okayy. How to find or to know components from meshery’s own core model ? Any list ?

The recording of Multiplayer Istio: Collaborative WASM Plugins with Intel and Layer5 - Lee Calcote, Layer5 & Xin Huang, Intel presentation at IstioCon will offer some perspective.

Thanks! This is a great presentation. Covered a lot of things on meshery that are hard to find somewhere else.

This Spreadsheet has a Registrant column and all components with meshery as registrant are from meshery’s own core model.

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Thanks @MUzairS15

@innocentrda, yes, many of these are marked as annotations-only. You’ll find a column dedicated to this indication.

@Shlok_Mishra, likely the “anonymous” registrant that you are investigating might be the “meshery” host with an all zeros UUID.

Instead of showing a blank space for the registrant in the logs, should we use “Meshery”? :thinking:

Yes, although, let’s first get to the root cause of why you’re seeing “anonymous”, @Shlok_Mishra.

Yes, the all zeros UUID should = “Meshery Server” or “System”.

On it investigating the root cause of the “anonymous” :face_with_monocle:.

The anonymous Registrants are for Relationships. @Lee

The all zero uuids were because id gets assigned after they get registered.
Also now we list the host name instead of spitting ids which are not helpful.

Concepts to become familiar with, @dusdjhyeon