Understanding of Meshery Operator, Broker, and MeshSync

Hi Team,
what does the Meshey broker, operator and meshsync do. And how are they related each other from deployment perspective ? Just to get a clear picture. Unfortunately i am not able to get a proper idea about what is the difference , mainly meshey broker and mesh sync

Can anyone give an insight.


Short Answer:

  • Meshery Operator is the boss around here a.k.a the controller (controlling MeshSync and Meshery Broker)
  • When Meshery Operator is deployed it initialize the Meshery Broker ( a NATS server) as an external service.
  • Meshery Operator then signals the MeshSync to start the cluster discovery, where it connects to the Broker and publishes the cluster data to the subscribers of the NATS server (i.e the Meshery Server).

Its also noteworthy to know that MeshSync is also capable of other things like streaming logs and having exec sessions for specific pods in the cluster.

Some good resources for more detailed explanation.


For those who haven’t joined the community, yet, and are unable to access the Meshery Architecture deck, the same slides are published here:

Meshery Operator is responsible for the lifecycle of the two custom controllers: MeshSync and Broker. There is a 1:1 relationship between a Meshery Operator deployment and a Kubernetes cluster.