Unable to setup 'sistent' project locally

I am not able to run this project-GitHub - layer5io/sistent: Layer5 Design System in my local system. What i did was after cloning, navigated to the specific folder ex-packages/components and run yarn build and yarn dev as specified in the package.json file. But after running yarn dev, the site is showing 404 error.


Thanks for bringing this up. In the components package, while it is a Vite library, I will need to remove dev as this will not work properly as there are missing files. I debated between leaving this here so anyone can test locally or not.

I’m working on this issue, but for now you won’t be able to use dev.

To test your changes, you will need to create the custom component in components, and then use design-system in apps to create a stories.

This design-system is not published or anything, so it already has the components and svg as dependencies.

Okay, thanks for responding, i will try this :slight_smile: