Unable to setup meshery docs on local (mac)

Hi guys,

I have issues setting up meshery docs and meshery on my local machine (mac catalina 10.15).

I have followed the step by step guide (installing a later version of ruby and chruby) in this resource to setup docs on my local machine (mac) but I have encountered some errors.

When I run the command
make site in the docs folder of the meshery codebase, I get an error make: *** No rule to make target 'site'. Stop.

So I decided to go the docker route and use images instead.

After running the command make docker on the docs directory, I get the error below:

I have docker desktop running and Kubernetes enable on it. Can someone help? or recommend a meshmate that can assist me with these setups. I am currently stuck and have a pending issue to resolve on meshery docs.