Unable to find file where changes should be made

Hi everyone. I am facing some problems solving the issue in meshery.io. I know what changes to make but can’t figure out where to make that changes. Can’t navigate to the file where the source code needs changes. Here is the issue: [Site] Enhance Community Calendar page · Issue #1202 · meshery/meshery.io · GitHub

I couldn’t find the file where I can make a change regarding the 2nd and 3rd point changes of the issue. Also, should I add CTA (Call to action) in the program-block class?

Thanks for creating the topic @Gaurab_Khanal
Will you post a screenshot of the project’s root directory in your local repo?

Can you elaborate on this? I can’t understand what you mean by a screenshot of the root directory. I am just a beginner. Still learning.

Just found the file. If I face any problem again I will contact you. Thanks for the help.

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Great, @Gaurab_Khanal :clap:
If you encounter any issues again, feel free to post them here, and one of the community managers/meshmates/maintainers will help you.
Happy Contributing!

Thanks! I am here again. Solves all the problems but can’t understand what the 4th point means. I need some help in understanding the 4th problem statement.

Please take inspiration from “Newcomers Welcome” call to action on https://layer5.io/community/calendar page:

Create the same for https://meshery.io/calendar.

Do you mean should I create Newcomers Welcome for Community Calendar | Meshery.
Should I need to create and add the above image at last of the Community Calendar | Meshery page. Basically create the clone of the above image you provided.
And what is mean by CTA(Call to action)?

I’ll let one of the MeshMates answer and offer their guidance here :sunglasses:.
// @Leonard @Yash.Sharma @Chadha93 @Anita-ihuman