Unable to find Cert-manager component in meshmap

If there is cert-manager in server/meshmodel, Cert-manager component should be available on UI in meshmap components. Is that correct ? Can someone help me to understand why it’s not found when trying to search cert-manager in meshmap components ?

Below screenshot shows the cert-manager in code but Cert-manager component is not found when searching it on meshmap UI.


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The method for detecting a component is under the each meshmodel folder their is a component folder that contains the data .
So the cert-manger folder does not have a component folder on the other hand the cert-manager-csi-driver-cacerts
Screenshot from 2024-05-23 23-33-58Screenshot from 2024-05-23 23-51-45

Okay thanks. So should the components folder added manually or is autogenerated by some job?

If I am not wrong it is done by the Model Component Generator and Updater action.

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Ooh great! So why it has never been generated ? :confused:

This docs sheet is used in the workflow here it has a column that has a label hasComponent that is marked as no therefore there is no component for Cert-manager Line no. 97 and column X .

@MUzairS15, the source of truth for cert-manager’s CRDs is https://github.com/cert-manager/cert-manager/tree/master/deploy/crds, however, in terms of Meshery generating components for these, and also, being capable of deploying the cert-manager operator to support these custom resources, the helm chart / olm package (different repo) / manifests are in nearby, but separate directories (or repo in OLM’s case).

Does Meshery currently support distinct locations for both sourcing components and installable operators for the same model?