Unable to access MeshMap visualizer - Could not load MeshMap GraphQL plugin

Currently trying to access MeshMap visualizer canvas via the browser.

Steps to reproduce:

  • log into the play ground
  • click on the MeshMap icon on the left navigation panel
  • wait for the playground to load,
  • error message pops up instead of the (visualizer) canvas

ERROR message: It appears that MeshMap's GraphQL plugin is built under a different version of Meshery than the version that you are currently running.

What I have tried:

  • reload the page a few times
  • close browser open playground again


Microsoft Edge Browser

On Firefox browser (folllowing the above same steps) the ERROR messgae reads as follows:
Error: HTTP Error Response: 0 (/api/provider/extension/provider/navigator/meshmap/index.js)

Thank you very much for reporting this. A fix is on its way: Meshery v0.7.23