Unable to access Meshery UI after it is setup on a k3d kubernetes cluster

After running the below commands I am getting an error(“ImagePullBackOff”) in meshery pod.

  1. started docker on wsl: sudo service docker start
  2. creating a k3d cluster: k3d cluster create <name>
  3. starting Meshery: mesheryctl system start
  • I’ve checked the contexts. kubectl current context is the newly created cluster and mesheryctl context is local (platform = kubernetes).
  • I’m unable to access meshery ui on localhost:9081
  • after doing kubectl describe on the meshery operator pod I am getting the full error message as shown in the image below.

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Can you confirm if the meshery- pod is running and what is the externalIP assigned to meshery service?

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For the operator failure, it seems that kubelet is not able to reach gcr to fetch the appropriate images. Although it was able to reach docker registry. You might need to configure your k3s cluster to be able to reach gcr. Make sure that your networking is set up properly such that your pods can talk to the internet.

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Hi @revoly, thanks for the suggestions. I am a beginner to everything cloud but tried following your suggestion.
1:) to get the pods: kubectl get pods -n meshery and got this result:

2:) to get the services: kubectl get service -n meshery and got the following result:

– Also, can you please guide me on how to setup proper networking so that the pods can communicate with the internet?