Unable to access Meshery cloud account

After receiving an email (I hope it’s regarding the Cloud Native Playground early access) when I tried to access it, I got something went wrong error. Could anyone please take a look at it? and help me fix it!
I am excited about the playground and excited about it!

The error I am facing to access the account:

Did you tried the flow again??
Did you performed the troubleshooting steps before trying again?
Which browser are you using? Have cookies been disabled in your browser?

Hi @Rudraksh.Karpe, we are having a timeout for how long the link you were provided in the email is valid. The time when you initiated the account setup, the link expired causing this behaviour. The timeout has been increased now, thank you for reporting the issue.

I request you to click on the provided link forgot password and get access to your account. (Enter the email id that you used while filling out the form).

@Rudraksh.Karpe good to go?