[UI] Unable to setup Meshery UI on macOS Sonoma

To setup meshery-ui I ran make ui-setup followed by make ui-build followed by make ui-server , but it is gettin g stuck at make ui-server and localhost:9801 is not running anything.
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 6.16.53 PM

@Faisal-imtiyaz123, actually, you’re all good here. What you’re seeing here is debug from a locally built and running Meshery Server. You can scroll up in terminal history to see an additional summarization of the various subsystems within Meshery Server being initialized.

What’s next? Well, it depends on which aspect of Meshery you’re digging into, but likely, you’ll want to open your web browser to http://localhost:9081. You can also immediately start to interact with your locally running Meshery Server using mesheryctl (the “other” Meshery client).

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