Trying to add screenshots of Containerd & Curiefense integration

I am working on this issue to add screenshots of Containerd & Curiefense integration, but am fairly new to this cloud-native field and struggling to do these.
I have access to meshmap as I suppose these integrations are to be performed in this tool, but not able to figure out what to do from here can somebody who has done these integrations help me with how to do these integrations it would be really helpful.

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@Raman_Thakur you need to make Two simple designs using the specific Integration (They don’t have to be perfect or very devOps Centric). And take two screenshots of each of them, one in Dark Mode and one in Light mode and then just Integrate them on the website, you can take reference from identical issues.

2(Designs)*2(Light+Dark) = 4 screenshots