Troubles in setting up Meshery UI development server

So I was trying to setup the UI development server by following the steps mentioned in this doc. I was successful in setting up the Meshery server in my local machine on port 9081 but couldn’t get the development server started on port 3000 . I tried running “make ui” but got some errors. Would love to get any assistance.

I’m tagging @Antonette.Caldwell, who might have some insight to offer as it relates to openssl. @shashank.singh please provide details of your environment (i.e. operating system).

Update- So the UI dev server is now up and running. I downgraded the node version from 18.0.0 to 16.0.0 and everything seems to work just fine now! (I am working on wsl 2)

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Awesome, @shashank.singh. By the way, yesterday a fix came through in support of Node 18 from @Abhi. You might be able to revert back to Node 18. I’d be curious to know if 18 works for you now.