Should there be a limit on the number of issues assigned to a contributor at one given time?

Open discussion:

Should there be a set limit on the number of issues assigned to one contributor at a given time? If a contributor (person A) were to have i.e 5 issues assigned to them (because they requested this), this means that any new contributors who might have their “hands free” to work on the issues that are waiting to be worked on by person A (assuming they are working one these one at a time) won’t be able to do so as these have already been assigned to person A.

In light of this wouldn’t it be a good policy to assign at most ~2 (or one) issues to one contributor at any given time and once those PR’s have been successfully merged, they can then move on to request for new issues?

This might reduce issues being “bundled” with one person and giving everyone a fair chance to contribute and collaborate more efficiently.

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This is a great discussion topic.


But I think there’s a tons of issue in which no one had asked for assignment so demand and supply of contributer and issues are maintained i think so if i am not wrong