Seeking Guidance to Dive into DevOps and Contribute to Meshery

Hello Layer5 Community,

I am transitioning from front-end to DevOps, focusing on Meshery. Despite attending meetings and reviewing documentation, I struggle with fundamental DevOps concepts. I am earnestly seeking a MeshMate mentor who can provide personalized guidance to bridge my knowledge gap.

My goal is to understand DevOps prerequisites and Meshery’s integration into the cloud-native landscape. I am eager for hands-on approaches, recommended resources, and step-by-step tutorials to facilitate my learning process. I believe a mentor’s guidance will not only enhance my understanding but also empower me to contribute effectively to Meshery and the DevOps community.

I am committed to investing time and effort into my learning journey. With the support of a MeshMate mentor, I am confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions. Thank you for considering my request.


I also have tried Linux CLI, Shell scripting, overall Fundamental part of DevOps & I too wish for a mentor to guide us.

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Welcome @abhijeetgauravm in that case I’ll suggest you to join meetings, which can be best resource for you to get to know Meshery more and how you can contribute.

Join tomorrows newcomers meeting at 6:30PM IST you can find link here community calendar here you can ask your questions, doubts and learn and connect with other MeshMates

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Thanks @abhijeetgauravm for mentioning

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