Resources for tokens in Sistent

Good day, everyone.
While having a chat with a few folks here in the community, I observed that the concept of tokens as a core aspect of design systems is not clear, especially when it comes to their application in code. I have noticed a few resources that could help out, which I would like to share to assist in our understanding of tokens and the level of functionality they can offer as we embark on building and implementing our design system, both for the websites and across all of our products.

First off is a snippet from this Figma video. The full video discusses collaboration between engineers and designers and how they can combine effectively to birth amazing digital solutions. I advise that we make out time to view the whole video. The highlighted part speaks on tokens and how they can help enhance product communication between design and development.|

Next are a few articles that can help to provide more clarity on the issue.
Invision Article
Dodonut Article
Medium Article

As the need arises, this post can be updated to include more resources for consideration, so be sure to save this post and check it out often. Cheers guys… :slightly_smiling_face:


This will be really helpful @Rex_Joshua .
Thanks for sharing.