[Recap] Websites Weekly Call - September 18th, 2023

Meet Five! Our intergalactic cloud native hero. Join the adventures of Five and Friends and ask your friends to :star: the repository.



  • [Mohith] - Add description prop to books, careers, integrations and workshops pages SEO #4898
  • [Sandra] - [Closes - Screenshots] CD Pipeline Operator under ‘How it Works See It in Action’ section #4914
  • [Pranjal] - adding-updated design-to-how-it-works-section-akri #4928
  • [Saurabh] -
    • Added “Handling PRs Made Without Being Assigned” section at "layer5/s… #4894
    • [Discuss] Improvements to be made in Learning Paths
  • [Shravani & prem : products page implementation.
  • [Lee] - Creation of a new learning path: GitOps


  • [Shatil] - [Discuss] Create profile/readme.md to represent the Meshery project collective #8680

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Catch the recording at - Websites Weekly Call - September 18th, 2023 - YouTube.