[Recap] - Websites Meeting Minutes - June 5th, 2023

[Raj/Shivam] - Add “Edit this page” link in the footer (#4334)
[Shivam] - Build issue fix (#4337) - Regarding migration to .webp images (#4290)
[Avantika/Vishwas] - Suggestions regarding playground popup.
[Gaurav] - Call for volunteers to implement new MeshMap Pages.(Figma)
[Karan]- Status of Assigned PRs
Fixed The Repeated Call of Layer5 In the used By Section #1153
fixed Refactor text color styling to be applied in the include file #1151
Removed transform property of buttons #1140
Hamburger Icon and MENU Label Visibility Bug #1122
Requesting Review (merge conflicts)
updated images and videos for better browser loading #1158
No Updates
Open modal when clicked on individual designs in catalogs #1120
fix: unexpected extra width - UI for mobile devices #1159

[Ayush] - Add Workflow for converting images to .web #4341

  • Migrate sites to gtm #384 #1178 #888
  • Page indexing issues
    [Savio] - [Discussion] Meshery operator feature isnt visible(#4218)
    [Savio] [UI] Enhance the styling of the scroll bar #1067 (Layer5.io)
    [Savio] [UX] Graphic Design: Create a Layer5-branded 3D book to represent the Community Handbook #4075 (Layer5.io)

Catch the recording at - Websites Weekly Call - June 5th, 2023 - YouTube

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