[Recap] Websites Meeting Minutes July 17th, 2023

Meeting Minutes:
[Prem] - Solved Overflowing of project-page-wrapper, nav and footer in page of layer5/projects in between 991px to 780px. #4535 and Addressing some UI problem of layer5 website
[Sagar] - Added email validations on Meshmap Signup page. #4531
[Naureen] - fix meta data for layer5 description #4561
[Randy] - [MDX] Migration to gatsby-plugin-mdx v4 (requires migration to MDX v2) #4532
[Ranjan] - fixed toolkit #4543
Dark mode for twitter widget #4505
[Vamshi] - fixing hover effect on cards on news page #4550
updates for figma links #4553
Update multiple files with unnecessary code. #4526
[Vikramaditya] - Added blog on MeshMap #4537
- Fixed disruptive height while hovering PR #4551 [Merged]
[Yana]- Added quote to community page #4540
[Harsh Dobariya] - Social media icons size fix #4485
[Samyak Shah] - Issue ticket on adding one new member #4556
[Udit Takkar] - Update on Snapshot and performance page PR
[your name] - “your topic”

[GaganPreet] -[Review required] - revamp: filter section in catalog #1270
[Faizan] - Styled the scrollbar in homepage #1281
[Vaibhav Maurya]
Update import catalog modal according to theme#1260,
GIF on homepage need to be updated #1247,
Build and Release: Edge Channel now includes versioned releases #8049(meshery)
[Debjyoti Sen] - Updated the incorrect link inside pull request template #1302
[Karan] - Meshery Installations command issue: #1279
Community Page Revamp :sparkles::
[Gautam] - [Review required] - Banner section(section-1) for community page #1286
[Yogesh] - Added Section 2 - Resources component New page design implementation for Contributors page #1295
[Mohith] - Add handbook section ( Section 3) #1288
[Ranjan] - Added Section 4 of Community page discuss forum #1294
[Dhananjay] - Section 5 of Community Page #1289 Resolves #1271
[Ayush] - Section 6 of Community Page #1296 resolves #1271

Catch the full meeting minutes here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XczAHXVe2FIWPqiF57ospJ43zw5cZQ7ui8mn39v5EvA/edit

Catch the recording here - Websites Weekly Call July 17th, 2023 - YouTube

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