[Recap] Website’s Meeting July 31st, 2023

Meeting Minutes

  • [Tanmay Sarkar] - [About] Rearrange order of text and images in mobile view #4655

  • [Tanmay Sarkar] - [Home] Add Citibank logo #4660 B

  • [Shiva] -Hovering Built-In Integrations card text button black #4653

  • [Paramjit]- Fixed Disappearing of pointer on search icon #4651

  • [DkRadhey]- Fix low contrast of text color #4622

  • [Sagar] -fixed LFX formatting #4664

  • [Yana] - fix: changed routes /projects to /products #4657

  • [Karan] - Call for volunteers:

    • Dynamically update integrations number #4666
    • Mobile view update #4665
  • [Abhijeet] - fixed:typo experience, subscription , meaningfully #4659

  • [Vaibhav Maurya] - Hovering Built-In Integration Card Buttons text black #4653

Update import catalog modal according to theme. #1247

  • Vikram - Call For Volunteers:
  • Writing Programme Background Color Inconsistency in Dark Mode #4667
  • [Kartik Jolapara] - add proper regex for the multi-word names, names with - and unusual language characters #4661

  • [Kingsley] - Progress of the leaderboard so far

  • [Partha] - added system commands & meshery designs docs. #8311

Catch the recording at - Websites Weekly Call July 31st, 2023 - YouTube

Uh-oh. We might need to revert the https://meshery.io/community most recent changes. It’s missing the core information that is critical to display:

  • calendar and meeting times
  • meeting minutes
  • meeting location
  • Slack
  • mailing lists
  • Socials

I suggest that we revert until the other sections containing this information are ready.

I previously noted that if we do have a Welcome Aboard button, it should be to our open slack invite link.

Please also note that when the other sections are posted, this first section’s dynamic sizing is going to be a concern. It’s dynamic-sizing perpetually keeps this first section above the fold, which will undoubtedly have many site visitors missing the subsequent sections which contain the real information that visitors need to begin to participate. @Rex_Joshua @Karan @vishalvivekm @Ghat0tkach @Shivam.Sood @Modern_Artist @Chadha93

So, @Savio.Dias, do you know which assignees had or still have the issue that you pointed out on slack as a potential reason for this hitch that we currently have?

@Rex_Joshua You can have look on the open pr in this issue

Some of them needs an update while some of them needs to fix merge conflicts…

Consolidated all the sections, with fixes made for the mentioned issues and others I came across:

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Good day guys.
Thanks for the suggestion @Savio.Dias.
That’s a good move @vishalvivekm. I’ve also reach out to each of the assignees and I’m currently getting some updates. Hopefully, well make progress and round it up soon enough.