[Recap] Website Meeting Minutes - 10th April, 2023

Meeting Minutes:

[Udit] - fix svg width and height (#4078)
[Udit] - fixed mega menu scrollspy issue (#4064)
[Akash Singh] - Fixed highlighting behaviour issue in dark mode (#4060)
[Ayush] - Enable lighthouse audit on all pages (#4073)
[Saksham]-[SEO] Update Duplicate Title Tags and Meta descriptions (#4041)
[Lee] - Super session on SEO
[Hetvi Soni] - form overflow corrected #4034

[Senali] - Add Patterns in actions page - PR

[Vivek Vishal - #1023
[shaik Ahmad Nawaz] - Hamburger Icon and MENU Label Visibility Bug #1107

play.meshery.io / playground.meshery.io
[Gaurav] - Open GH issues, need volunteers.

Stale PRs / Stale Issues:
[Homepage] Banner4: Not properly responsive; leaving too much whitespace #3686 …cont
[Homepage] Banner4: leaving too much whitespace at the top. Responsiveness is not working. #3691 …cont

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