[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - October 13th 2022

Items discussed on the call -

  • [Nithish] Help Wanted: Static list of components
    • Components are a way of exposing the capabilities of the underlying platform. In case of application development, Components are entities that are created/registered by the platform engineers and used by the operators.
  • [Pranav]
    • Meshery DB upgrade discussion #6367
  • [Cyrine]
  • [Lee Calcote] Messaging Framework and Notification Center
    • Purpose: instill confidence and offer a high degree of feedback on the status of operations requested, including suggestions on how to fix failed operations.
    • Transparency in what is actually happening behind the scenes with Meshery’s automation.
  • [Ashish] Moving to postgres
  • [Antonette] Go1.19 upgrade is complete.
    • Updates from Adapter spreadsheet
    • Chasing down vulnerabilities and security grades
  • [Nishant] Collaboration Phase 1
  • [Ruturaj] [Server] Backend for catalog for local provider
    • For publishing the applications publicly the user’s public design can be linked to their member profile.
  • [Ruturaj] Fix mesheryctl config#6374, Non issue#6334

Meeting video - Meshery Dev Meeting (Oct. 13th, 2022) - YouTube