[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - June 28th, 2023

Meeting Minutes:

  • [Pranav] - Support for catalog unpublish filters #7970
  • [Lee/Uzair] New MeshModel constructs: isAnnotated in Components, patch in Relationships
  • [Gaurav] Add support to download, publish, unpublish, clone WASM Filters #7969
  • [Gaurav] 118 Unassigned issues, up for assignment/reassignment. #issues
  • [Yash Sharma] Provider dashboard in Meshery UI is crashing
  • [Yash Sharma] Call for volunteer to fix
    • Add Cluster position in settings page
    • Rows per page in settings #7971
  • [Sudhanshu]- Handle api requests efficiently in UI in meshery UI(issue)
  • [Harsh Dobariya] - [UI] Dark mode toggle switch text fix in user preferences section #7962
  • [Subedy]- Previous Performance Profile Consolidated to new performance profile
  • [Vivek Jha] Fixed search animation and catalog icons #929 #996
  • [Vivek] - Send out email in case of meshmodel component generation/updation failure #7383
  • [Karan] - Open for Reivew: Blog on Meshery Operator #4413
  • [Avishkar] Implemented applications page similar to filters page
  • [Abhi/Uzair] - Namespace hierarchy policy on cytoscape-json
  • [Abhi/Uzair] - Improvements in WASM Filters
  • [Ritik]- Figma mockup for badge card/modal and Badges

Catch the recording at - Meshery Development Meeting June 28th, 2023 - YouTube