[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting July 19th, 2023


  • Welcome New Interns - Vivek Jha and Aabid Sofi :tada:
  • Join Pranav Singh at KCD Chennai (22nd July, 2023):bulb:


  • [Antonette] Meshery Adapter lifecycle management by Meshery Server - forked branch on meshery - https://github.com/meshery/meshery/tree/feat/adapter-lifecycle

  • [Ananya] Meshmodel doc changes #8183

  • [Aabid Sofi]

    • Meshery Connection Stats Charts #8171
    • Dashboard : Redundant Querying and multiple rerenders #8211
  • [Avishkar] Added single and bulk delete actions for applications #1173

  • [Vivek] - Discussion forum monthly highlights

  • [Uzair] Consolidate schemas for static and dynamic registration and fix deployment issue. #328

  • [Yash/Harkirat] - [RJSF] UI enhancement in publish to catalog modal #8141

  • [Philip] - [Connection Unit test for meshery server component #8196]

[Abdullah] Specify additional specific load generator options in mesheryctl perf #8148

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Yay! I wonder if the internships announcement was shared on Twitter, yet.

Posted just now. https://twitter.com/layer5/status/1682479631297912832